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A barge is a flat-bottomed boat, originally built for river and canal transport of heavy goods. Today barges are also used for tourism and resort, and thanks to the repulsorlift engines they can go over several types of terrains other than water.
Sail barges are among the most popular luxury vehicles, well suited to long pleasure cruises. Every sail barge is different in order to add uniqueness to their wealthiest owners. The name comes from the huge retractable sails used to catch the wind in the more leisurely trips.

This collection includes also skiffs. A skiff is a general repulsorlift utility vehicle that can be modifed and adapted to cover a broad range of industrial uses, in different planetary environments.
The basic design is an open deck with a simple control station in the aft section of the vehicle. Skiffs are most often used to haul cargo and to move items from warehouses to landing pads or spaceports.
Skiffs can be piloted with minimal experience and are inexpensive. Also, they are easy to be modified according to the local weather conditions: some common mods are water skiffs and desert skiffs.