Corellian Transport Services

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Corellian Transport Services
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Corellian Transport Services is a galaxy-wide transportation company, and the main logistics branch of the New Republic. Its diverse fleet and experienced pilots covers the needs of all transport requests. As a means of quality control, every pilot undergoes grueling and perilous missions before being set out on their own. They range from navigating asteroid fields with BFF-1 Bulk Freighters, to zipping through narrow mountain ranges at top speed with a YT-510. This is to ensure that they learn to tackle all aspects of piloting, including improvisation if the need arises.

Whether you need your ship retrieved behind enemy lines, a droid rescued from impending destruction at a recycling plant, or a stranded dear friend picked up on desolate planet, Corellian Transport Services handles the job with speed and precision.


Corellian Transport Services
Head Administrator (C-3)
Han Cold
Head Administrator
Han Cold
Assistant Administrator (C-2)
Han Cold
Assistant Administrator
Han Cold
Department Officers (C-1)
Anton Baden
Vessel CO
Anton Baden
Delivery CO
Bara Fur
Engineering CO
Bara Fur
Department Staff (O-6)
Aeron Llywelyn Rees
Vessel XO
Aeron Llywelyn Rees
Sha Thoon
Delivery XO
Sha Thoon
Lukk Prawdittaa
Engineering XO
Lukk Prawdittaa
Han Cold
Han Cold


- Services are free of charge for all NR citizens.
- Volume discounts are available on a case by case basis.


Capital Ships, Frigates, Corvettes Heavy Freighters Light Freighters, Gunboats, Fighters, Satellites Vehicles
600,000 credits per ship 350,000 credits per ship 100,000 credits per ship 100,000 credits per vehicle


Items NPC's & Droids PC Transportation Vehicles
10,000 credits per cargo container (crate)
An additional 15,000 credits
per city pick-up location
15,000 credits per NPC
An additional 15,000 credits
per city pick-up location
800,000 credits flat fee
per player-character transported
100,000 credits per vehicle

Construction & Engineering

Raw Material Transportation Repair Production
500,000 credits per BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
of raw materials transported
Coming soon Coming soon
1,200,000 credits per Modular Taskforce Cruiser
of raw materials transported
6,000,000 credits per Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler
capacity of raw materials transported

Ranks and Organization

Corellian Transport Services is divided into three active departments.

  • Delivery

Delivery handles items, droids, creatures, NPC's/PC's and vehicles under 100T (combined weight). It also serves as the manager of the newly opened CTS Company Store. (Personnel became the new Delivery department on Y19 D134)

  • Vessel

Vessel is usually the busiest department, and concentrates solely on ships, escape pods, satellites, Class-A cargo containers and vehicles over 100T (combined weight)

  • Construction & Engineering

C&E has expanded somewhat, and now deals with RM transport, repairs and limited production. It also serves as CTS' internal construction branch.

Paygrade Administration Vessel Delivery Title C&E Title
C-3 Rank C-3 Personnel high-res.png - - Head Administrator - -
C-2 Rank C-2 Personnel high-res.png - - Assistant Administrator - -
C-1 - Rank C-1 Vessel high-res.png Rank C-1 Delivery high-res.png Department CO Rank C-1 C&E high-res.png Department CO
O-6 - Rank O-6 Vessel high-res.png Rank O-6 Delivery high-res.png Department XO Rank O-6 C&E high-res.png Department XO
O-5 - Rank O-5 Vessel high-res.png Rank O-5 Delivery high-res.png Department Supervisor Rank O-5 C&E high-res.png Engineering Supervisor
O-4 - Rank O-4 Vessel high-res.png Rank O-4 Delivery high-res.png Transport Commander Rank O-4 C&E high-res.png Production Manager
O-3 - Rank O-3 Vessel high-res.png Rank O-3 Delivery high-res.png Transport Captain Rank O-3 C&E high-res.png Machine Operator
O-2 - Rank O-2 Vessel high-res.png Rank O-2 Delivery high-res.png Pilot Rank O-2 C&E high-res.png Maintenance Technician
O-1 - Rank O-1 Vessel high-res.png Rank O-1 Delivery high-res.png Junior Pilot Rank O-1 C&E high-res.png Assembler
E-1 - Rank E-1 CTS Cadet high-res.png Rank E-1 CTS Cadet high-res.png Cadet Rank E-1 CTS Cadet high-res.png Cadet

Leadership History

Chief Executive Officer
Predecessor Held By Successor
Luuda Kusaak Tem Sappo
Year 20 Day 187 — Present
Logan Darkstrider Luuda Kusaak
Year 13 Day 196 — Year 20 Day 187
Tem Sappo
Endaro Kassan Logan Darkstrider
Year 12 Day 348 — Year 13 Day 196
Luuda Kusaak
Natalis Oro Endaro Kassan
Year 12 Day 48 — Year 12 Day 348
Logan Darkstrider
Van Harrad Natalis Oro
Year 11 Day 298 — Year 12 Day 48
Endaro Kassan
Johnny Moon Van Harrad
Year 10 Day 6 — Year 11 Day 298
Natalis Oro
Johnny Moon
Year 9 Day 125 — Year 10 Day 6
Van Harrad
Kit Lorcan
Year 8 — Year 9 Day 104
Johnny Moon
Azzi Blackgate
Year 7 — Unknown
Korin Night
Unknown — Unknown
Catrianna Eisel
Unknown — Unknown
Sterik Hasger / Nemesi Nemsien
Year 6 Day 19 — Unknown


  • Founded Year 6 Day 19

Many years ago, the company was founded by Sterik Hasger and Nemesi Nemsien. Both individuals were former members of Blue Sabre Transportation which was destroyed by the Dark Empire circa Year 3. Hasger and Nemsien later formed the short-lived Baldoran Alliance before starting Corellian Transport Services in Year 6.

Both had drifted through the galaxy since the last time they had worked together, where Sterik had been the owner and leader of a transportation company, and Nemesi had come to work for him. It was not long before they became close friends, each willing to risk it all for the other. Since that time they had both worked in various places, not finding what they wanted. Transportation was where they wanted to be...and now, they are back with what promises to be a leading force in the field of transportation, whatever the type.

(additional history to be added later)