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Featured Products

Terms and Conditions

  • Prices apply to batches for medical item products, and per piece for everything else.
  • Delivery is not included, undocked products will be made over after payment, docked products after pick up.
  • The Nationalised Corporations reserve the right to set a limit on or deny any order.
  • The Nationalised Corporations refuse to conduct business with groups, their members, or individuals on the NR Trade Ban or Criminal Organizations lists. This includes assigning datacards to production entities owned by these groups or persons.
  • The customer must inform the corresponding Nationalised Corporation of any changes in ownership of production entity. The Nationalised Corporations reserve the right to revoke all datacards from production entities owned by groups or persons on the Trade Ban or Criminal Organizations lists.


Please note the New Republic Discount Scheme:

  • NR citizen discount: 30%
  • Dozen discount: 15%
  • 100+ batches discount: 15%
  • 1000+ batches discount: 20%

Discount Conditions:

  • These discounts apply for manufactured droids, items, weapons, ships, vehicles and their respective DCs.
  • Discounts are not additive, only the highest discount applies.
  • Discounts on products only apply when the products are not intended for resale. The buyer has to agree to that.
  • Discounts on DCs apply in any case, even when intended for resale.

Order Process

How to Order

  • Communicate your desired quantity and price (with discounts, if applicable).
    • NR Citizens, please post your request in Centralised Sales.
    • Non-NR Citizens, please send a DM to the correct sentient (see below).
  • Send credits and include purchase details.
  • Note: for DC requests, please use commas with no spaces
DM Example:
Vonar Passik,

I would like to order 3 shotguns for a total of 105,000 credits. Please confirm.

Thank you,
Purchase Example:
You have sent 12,590,000 credits to the faction Incom Corporation with the following message: Purchase of 24 R41s
DC Example:
You have sent 2,400,000 credits to the faction Republic Medical with the following message: 3 Sprint DCs in stations 12345,23456,34567

More info: Datacard purchase - Free Station/Factory Rental Program

Sentients To Contact