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Industrial Automaton has been engineering state of the art droids since YR 0 for the New Republic, its citizens and its allies. It is a company that has always striven to architect the most advanced and superior Droids this Galaxy has to offer. We are dedicated to investing in the future. This is why we continue to support the research of our incredible Designers and Technicians.

We believe the Galaxy is growing rapidly and as a company it is our goal to keep up with the pace of technology, without giving up our commitment to safety and security.

Sales and Services


IA banner.jpg
Chief Administrator (C-3)
Administrator (C-2)
Valerie DeGalan
Master Engineer
Valerie DeGalan

Ranks and Organization

Executive Staff
Paygrade Insignia Title
Rank C-3 MoCE.png
Chief Executive Officer
Rank C-2 MoCE.png
Master Engineer
Rank O-3 MoCE.png
Master Engineer
Rank O-2 MoCE.png
Rank O-1 MoCE.png
Junior Engineer
E-1 Cadet


  • Caisava Chelski (current)
  • Andrew Harris
  • Gothar Elensar
  • Valerie DeGalan
  • Helix Falks
  • Bob Stryder
  • Kristina Roberts
  • Derfflinger von Seydlitz (Year 4)


  • Founded Year 2 Day 109

Industrial Automaton, IA for short, is a Nationalized Faction and leading droid manufacturer of the New Republic. After merging with Triton Dynamics, one of the two oldest droid factions in the galaxy, IA successfully increased its manpower and resources to become a bigger and even better droid manufacturer. With a long history and experience with making the best droids, IA is able to provide the public and the NR and its allies with the highest quality droids the galaxy can offer.

Our sales doors are now open to the public and we supply the alliance with all our astromechs and various other droids. Among them are the famous R-series: R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5, as well as other astromechs, such as the RX and FA-4 Pilot Droids. We also offer the ASP-707 labor droids for when the job requires heavy hauling and the TT-8L Sentry Droid and Patrol Droid for all your security needs. Our RA-7 Protocol Droid will help you understand that jabbering Jawa or twittering Talz, not to mention our GNK Power Droid for when you have trouble paying your electricity bill.