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1. The Senate hereby has permission to declare groups as Criminal Organizations. Criminal Organizations are forbidden to operate in New Republic territory. Criminal Organizations must petition Republic Diplomacy Command for permission prior to entering New Republic territory. The New Republic Intelligence Service will decide whether or not permission will be granted.

2. Any members of these Criminal Organizations are also subject to arrest by New Republic security forces. Once arrested, a hearing will be held on whether the accused is in fact a member of a criminal organization. If they are confirmed as a member, they will be held until their organization no longer poses a threat to the safety and rights of free New Republic citizens. The New Republic also has the right to impound any and all assets held by Criminal Organizations if discovered in New Republic territory unless they have been acquired legally from the New Republic or her affiliates.

3. The list of Criminal Organizations is maintained by the Advisory Council and the New Republic Intelligence Service and can be altered without a Senate vote if one of the following events occurs to any group on the list:
3.1. Name change;
3.2. Faction merger; or
3.3. Faction being dissolved.

4. If the Criminal Organization is deemed by the Senate to no longer pose a threat to the New Republic or her allies, all prisoners will either face trial or be released.

5. A copy of the list is maintained here for public view.

Updated on Year 17 Day 218.