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The New Republic Warrant List was created for the purposes of bringing wanted criminals to justice and rewarding the assistance of privateers for the capture of enemy agents. The New Republic does not condone the mistreatment or execution of prisoners and is not responsible for such actions by any third party towards individuals for whom warrants have been issued. In accordance with Republic ideals, only live captures will be rewarded.

To claim a bounty please contact the New Republic Intelligence Service or Republic Diplomacy Command.

Please find the lists of wanted individuals and enemy combatants below.


The individuals listed below are wanted alive by the New Republic and have an active Warrant. The New Republic offers rewards which will lead to the Capture alive of the below Warrants. Rewards are also available for information that leads to the capture of an individual wanted by the Republic.

NRWanted Amun Sokar2.png NRWanted Banquo Knox.png NRWanted Cade Falker.png NRWanted Corvis Orion.png NRWanted Elix Solaris.png
NRWanted Ezrakh Rhuk.png NRWanted Gawayne.png NRWanted Guinar Ndengin.png NRWanted Ingo RVailis.png NRWanted Jak Svensen.png
NRWanted Morden Veritas.png NRWanted Owenvon Ismay.png Sebastian von Nex NRWanted Seele.png NRWanted Vee Null.png
NRWanted Ximaro Jix.png

Enemy Combatants

The New Republic also offers reward for the live capture of enemy agents. The Reward credit will be offered on the transfer of custody to New Republic officials of the Warrant.

NRWanted Black Sun.png NRWanted Galactic Empire.png

Apprehend Individuals

These individuals were apprehended and currently are in New Republic custody.

Jasper Merlyn