Ministry of Civil Engineering

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Ministry of Civil Engineering

The Ministry of Civil Engineering is responsible for the development of New Republic territories, a task which includes receiving and recommending governor applications. It is staffed by some of the galaxy's most renowned master architects and engineers.

Through the work of the Ministry of Civil Engineering, New Republic planets are transformed from barren worlds into massive ecumenopolises, inhabited by billions of sentients. This Ministry was formerly known as Ministry of Culture.

Minister of Civil Engineering (C-5)
Coren Rinou
Coren Rinou
Associate Minister of Civil Engineering (C-4)
Grath Gelenek
Associate Minister of Civil Engineering
Grath Gelenek
Administrator of Operations
Administrator of Northern Operations
Chief Administrator of Southern Operations

Rank Structure

Grade Rank Abbreviation
C-5/AC Minister of Civil Engineering MOCE
C-4 Associate Ministers DMOCE
C-3 Chief Administrator, Operations CADMIN
C-2 Administrator, Operations ADMIN
C-1 Junior Administrator, Operations JADMIN
O-6 Master Architect MARC
O-5 Architect ARC
O-4 Junior Architect JARC
O-3 Master Engineer MENG
O-2 Engineer ENG
O-1 Junior Engineer JENG

Leadership History

Minister of Civil Engineering
Predecessor Held By Successor
- Coren Rinou
Year 18 — current
David Archer Grath Gelenek
Year 16 Day 284 — Year 18
- David Archer
Year 16 Day 220 — Year 16 Day 284
Grath Gelenek