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Over millennia the Old Republic stood for freedom and prosperity. Peace reigned throughout the Galaxy. War became a rare event. That is until corruption and the desire for power infected the Galactic Senate. Soon freedom and the Old Republic were destroyed. Freedom was not forgotten by those who believed in its principles. Many groups were born to fight in order to restore a dream that was never quite lost. These people believed the dream of freedom should not be lost.

When the SoroSuub Conglomerate and the Rebel Alliance joined forces, they restored the Republic. They formed a New Republic based on the old principles of freedom and justice. As the New Republic Constitution states:

Year 8, Day 12; Ratified on Year 8, Day 98

From this day forward we declare the founding of a New Republic and the return of democracy as the leading governmental system in the Galaxy. The New Republic is committed to: Serving the people of the Galaxy on both member and non-member planets; Equality among all people regardless of race, sex, or social background; Freedom of speech; Establishing and maintaining democracy in its Government; and Providing protection for those unable to defend themselves. We reject the personal accumulation of power, and believe that power should be used only in the service of others. This belief will be reflected and enforced by our actions.

New Republic Banner